Session by Dr. Mohan Godse on ‘Low frequency NVH fundamentals and industrial applications’

As part of Webinar Series “To Guide Engineering Students to select meaningful projects”


Dr. Mohan Godse delivered an excellent and very informative session on “Low Frequency NVH fundamentals and industrial applications” as part of the webinar series launched by La Fondation Dassault Systemes.

Dr. Mohan Godse, is a Founder of U 2 I Consultancy and is a former EVP, M/s Endurance Technologies Ltd.  He has total 26 years of experience in Design & Development of body structure, chassis tooling, seating system, and allow wheels. He has published technical papers on NVH and multifunctional Optimization in international journals.

“The interaction of knowledge and skills with experience is key to learning” … John Dewey

Above quote is the correct way to explain the session conducted by Dr.Mohan Godse. In this session, Dr. Mohan Godse not only covered fundamentals of Noise, Vibration and Harshness but also shared many industrial examples to understand these concepts in a very lucid way.

The session started with basic vehicle attributes to understand the factors which influence design of a complete vehicle. Then Dr Godse explained the participants the meaning of NVH and how low frequency NVH problems are addressed in the industry. He also helped the audience to understand how NVH problems are classified and categorized.

Dr. Godse focused on low frequency NVH problems (0-150 Hz) and explored different industrial applications of NVH.  In the first case study, Dr Godse explained how SHM (Simple Harmonic Motion) principle can be utilized to calculate Mass Moment of Inertia. He also shared some real world problem of passenger jet airplane with students to think and understand the importance of NVH in design.



Dr. Mohan Godse taking the session for Students and professors