Giving Tuesday: Focus on Volunteering

La Fondation Dassault Systèmes offers Dassault Systèmes employees the opportunity to get involved in projects, in the fields of Education, Scientific Research and Heritage. Testimonies.

Carine, Valérie, Thierry in France, Shubham, Biswajyoti, Supriya in India, and Steven in the United States, are some of those contributing to La Fondation’s activities. They have accepted to share with you what volunteering has brought them.

How long have you been a volunteer for La Fondation Dassault Systèmes and why did you decide to get involved?

Carine: I was lucky to have people with technical backgrounds in my family. It really helped me to find my way. I wanted to encourage young women who keep asking themselves about such career choices. I felt it was my responsibility.

Thierry: I have resumed volunteering since last year in the Apprentis d’Auteuil’s “Course en Cours” program. I enjoy spending time with young people who need a helping hand.

Shubham: Considering myself as an artist, this turned out to be an opportunity for me. I realized that technology could enhance artistic skills to an infinite level.

Supriya: Interestingly, my association with La Fondation Dassault Systèmes pre-dates my joining 3DS. I had the opportunity to deliver a talk under one of the La Fondation initiatives in 2021. I shared my experience as an aeronautical engineer and a military leader with the engineering students and that is when I actually realized the impact and importance of such CSR initiatives. They actually have the future of our world and society in perspective by igniting bright young minds to follow their dreams and being the wind beneath their wings.

Steven: La Fondation provides me with a unique opportunity to go beyond my normal role and support organizations that are doing valuable work. They truly appreciate our contribution and it creates a very constructive working relationship.

What would you say you gained from volunteering, both professionally and personally?

Carine: On a personal level, it brings me some wisdom and humility. On a professional scale, it allows me to meet the new generation, discover their aspirations and understand their concerns. They will be our future colleagues. I think it makes sense to meet them now. It brings me a lot and makes me more humble. This allows me not to rest on my laurels and keep discovering new horizons.

Valérie: I want to share my knowledge and my time with tomorrow’s generation. It is very interesting for a manager to meet the new generation as they have different aspirations and codes. Thinking outside the box and listening to others in the field makes a manager grow. I often apply what I learn from my volunteer experience in my daily activity.

Shubham: On a professional scale, the programs I volunteer for help me stay updated and acquire required knowledge. On a personal level, volunteering for La Fondation Dassault Systèmes makes me very proud. It also gives me a chance to relive my school life in a way, as it gave me the opportunity to teach young people about engineering and complex assemblies.

Biswajyoti: Professionally, I have gained many assets by meeting new minds with amazing ideas.

Steven: It made me really appreciate the power of what our company’s technology, vision and people can offer to those who want to do good, and I’m very proud to be part of the team supporting them. I can sometimes share my La Fondation experience with the customers and it helps them to see Dassault Systèmes a little differently.

Can you tell us about your commitment to La Fondation and the projects in which you are involved in a few words?

Thierry: My commitment is human when it comes to encouraging young people to complete their project, being by their side, and sharing my technical skills with them. I train them on 3D software and teach them the art of project management. I consider myself as a mentor.

Supriya: I have been fortunate to witness the passion, potential and spirit of bright young brains who have dreams and the conviction to turn them into reality.

Steven: I have volunteered on projects that have mostly promoted the development of virtual twins for healthcare. They began with basic construction of 3D models and VR for medical applications, but soon moved to full functioning models. In particular, during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the global need to help with respiratory conditions, I was involved with projects that helped develop virtual twins of lungs to better utilize respirators and create a new generation of respirators. Another helped develop materials to train parents to manage their children’s respiratory conditions at home. These programs will make a difference for generations to come, and it was great to see such ideas come to life.

If you had to encourage other of our company's employees to become volunteers, what would you say to them?

Valérie: Learning from others’ life path and sharing one’s experience with people who will benefit from it in a laid-back setting is really the best way to convey important messages. It’s a heart-to-heart relationship. Most of all, volunteering is about embarking on a human journey.

Shubham: This provides an opportunity to connect with people across brands. I can assure you that La Fondation Dassault Systèmes is a great gate for Dassault Systèmes employees in a variety of ways.

Biswajyoti: It is fun and exciting to be part of La Fondation’s journey. Every one of us should actively volunteer at La Fondation. Always remember that there is nothing to lose there, only to gain.

Supriya: I think it is just a matter of time before each of us realizes the fact that we need to give something back to the organization we work for, our society and our nation. That is when we seek ways to do it. Being associated with La Fondation, I can confidently tell everyone at Dassault Systèmes that the opportunity available right here at La Fondation is something that will make them feel so positive and inspired to do great in every single domain of life. Just give it a try, and you will be amazed to see what it has to offer.

Steven: Think about what you bring to your job. It is more than just your technical training and work experience, your true value is realized by who you are as a person. It is true, all experience is human. La Fondation allows you to grow as a person.

Do you have an anecdote or a striking memory as a volunteer that you’d like to share with us?

Shubham: There is a funny incident, which took place during the COVID-19 lockdown. It was Season 1 of the “Made In 3D: Seed The Future Entrepreneurs” program, and I was a school champion. My school team was in the manufacturing phase. We were printing our product. Due to a 3D printing orientation mistake, which was identified late at night, around 10:00pm, my father and I made the decision to visit our Lab around midnight. As I live 26 km away from the Dassault Systèmes Pune Campus, it was a bit difficult to move because of the strict lockdown. Somehow, we arrived near the campus, but were stopped by the police. Fortunately, I was able to highlight the project (a COVID Safety Kit). I started explaining the importance of the project to the police officer using 3D data. It made it easy for him to understand the purpose of my travel to the office, and I could to use the Lab’s premises at 01:00 am and complete the project. And you know what? My school ranked 2nd in this contest!

Supriya: The unbelievable journey of the All Girls team from Paljyor Namgyal School, Manipur in the “Made In 3D – Seed the Future Entrepreneurs” 2021 chapter: remotely located, no internet, limited facilities, until the very end where they missed their flight to reach Pune for the grand finale. Our team did everything to let the judges have a good look at their idea virtually and in the end, it was a phenomenally sentimental win for the girls, their teachers, and our team here at La Fondation. Motivation plays a big role in the journey of people with potential.

Steven: What comes to mind is a message I received just yesterday from the head of one of the projects that La Fondation granted. This scientist is breaking new ground using virtual twins to understand respiratory conditions. She shared that their research breakthrough had been extremely well received by the medical community, and that these advancements would not have been possible without our support. It is hard to imagine a clearer statement of appreciation for what we can do. We have all just experienced the biggest threat to human life in generations, and knowing that we have helped use that crisis to inspire breakthroughs that will change the game for the future is something really to be proud of. We don’t just build experiences, we change them.


On Giving Tuesday, we would like to thank all our volunteers who are actively contributing to projects supported by La Fondation Dassault Systèmes.

About La Fondation Dassault Systèmes

Since 2015, La Fondation Dassault Systèmes has been supporting the transformation of education, research, and the way we study cultural heritage. Beyond new skills, constructive collaborations, and an aspiration to reimagine and support a more sustainable world, the aim is above all to instill a spark around science and technologies for future generations. At the core of knowledge transmission, virtual worlds enable to better comprehend the world, and to push back the boundaries of understanding, thanks to stakeholders’ active commitment.

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