Inspired Project Ideas Contest – 2021

La Fondation Dassault Systemes is running the ConnectNext Program to address Talent Readiness and Employability Challenges by Empowering Students to be Future Ready.

At the heart of this program we aim to strengthen Student Project Framework, with inputs and mentoring from Industry/Domain experts; so that students can apply their engineering knowledge-knowhow, extend it beyond text book learning and demonstrate their skills through the projects.

First facet of this program is about Guiding students to select Meaningful Engineering Projects. For this purpose La Fondation Dassault Systemes is running a Webinar Series for students and professors of engineering colleges, universities across India. This Webinar series will help students and professor to understand upcoming technologies, different industry verticals, and new domain areas from Industry Experts. In addition, relevant Industry Experts will share many innovative concepts and challenges they are addressing in their respective Industry verticals, domain or technologies. Such information and relevant project ideas will help professors to guide their students and help them to make them ready for Industries. 


The main objective of our Webinar Series “Guiding students to select meaningful projects” is to help the Academia world to be aware of happenings in the Industry and capitalize this knowledge.

ConnectNext program's next facet is to define meaningful project ideas, provide real life problem statements for engineering students to work upon as projects. Along with Industry professionals, we appeal professors from engineering colleges and universities who are attending the Webinar Series sessions to explore the topics covered and come up with exciting project ideas.

We appeal professors to nominate such project ideas using this Project Idea Submission Link.

We at La Fondation, with the help of Industry experts, will review those ideas and qualify impactful project ideas for National Level Projects Library. This National Level Project Library will be published to all Engineering Colleges across India for students to select appropriate project ideas based on their passion and areas of interest. This way we will help students to work on projects, which are inspired from inputs provided by industry and domain experts, upcoming technologies, emerging engineering domains through which they get an opportunity to be "Industry ready". 

In addition, with this initiative we would like to appeal Professors to know more about industries and their requirements, so that they can guide students to explore these new technologies and prepare them for industries. 

Submission Procedure

Professors or Industry Professionals can submit their project ideas on our Nomination Link.

After the evaluation process, selected project ideas will be published on a National pool of Projects Library. At all stages of the project idea submission, participants will get informed by emails for next steps in the contest.

  1. Project Submission: Professors to submit project ideas using the project Nomination Link and detail it using a template provided on our platform.
  2. Evaluation by Tech-experts: Project ideas evaluated considering relevance to topic, innovation, alignement with future trends in the chosen domain.
  3. Recognition & collaboration: Selected projects will be eligible for a project library at a National level, for awards, and for support by La Fondation Dassault Systemes. They will also have the opportunity of being part of ConnectNext.

Guidelines for Project Idea

  • Project idea or concept should be relevant and inspired by one of the sessions conducted under the Webinar Series 2021 on “Guiding students to select meaningful projects”
  • Applicable to professors and Industry professionals attending the Webinar Series.
  • Project should be engineering oriented, inspiring students to apply their engineering knowledge and to challenge them to go beyond text book learning, and should have proper usage of 3D technologies, simulations and - if relevant - a physical prototype development
  • It should be feasible enough to be completed by engineering students during a semester, year
  • It should help engineering students to learn new technologies, industry domain and industrial processes and help them to be "Industry Ready".

Important stages and timelines

  • Idea Submission – You can submit your project ideas till 5th August 2021
  • Idea Shortlisting – Ideas' shortlisting will be done by 10th August 2021
  • Idea Detailing – Shortlisted idea author can detail the Idea till 15th  August 2021
  • Ideas Evaluation – Industry experts and La Fondation experts will evaluate all shortlisted ideas by 22nd August 2021
  • Ideas selection and winners – Selected ideas and winners will be declared in our ConnectNext National Conference 2021  

Nomination Link

All professors are recommended to take advantage of this opportunity, explore more opportunities for their students, and make them Industry Ready and Future Ready.

Nominate your project idea here.

We appeal all professors participating in the webinar series to join this interesting Inspired Project ideas contest and be visible at National level.