Water for Life

La Fondation Dassault Systèmes is committed to educating for the preservation of our most precious resources.

Knowing our waterways better and protecting them are ambitious challenges for today’s world.  La Fondation has decided to place water preservation at the heart of several education programs in order to help to build the sustainable world we all need.

Throughout all of our programs including water programs, our goal is twofold:

  •  enhance the relevant skills of students from engineering schools. Whatever the industry they will work in, they will have the power to make it more sustainable. We are supporting the creation of project-based learning pedagogy that allows students to reinforce their skills while increasing their sensitivity to the sustainable development.
  • but even more importantly, to nurture vocations amongst young people to become scientists and innovators. That’s why we have a partnership with the French Ministry of Education and Ifremer. All together, we are co-creating 3D pedagogical content to allow teenagers to enrich their school programs while making them aware of major issues of the oceans.

Mission Ocean is a unique project because for the first time ever, an educational program brings together teachers, experts in education, researchers, engineers and manufacturers, at the service of the oceans. Above all, we are addressing the whole academic audience, from children and teenagers to high school students.

Mission Ocean
Mission Ocean is an innovative digital educational program for middle and high school students, aimed to facilitate learning and deepen their knowledge in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography, life and earth sciences, etc.
Water Waste Removal project
With the support of our Foundation in India, students from the Walchand College of Engineering are creating a new floating solid waste collection system for lakes and rivers, before arriving into the oceans.
Enhancing Ocean Discovery and Exploration
Our US Foundation is supporting Olin College and Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute: together, they are creating a new generation of deep sea underwater robots with a Real-Time VR Tools to explore some of the most remote places on our planet.