Skilling “Work Force of the Future” – Aerospace Domain

Session by Commodore CD Balaji as part of Webinar Series “To Guide Engineering Students to select meaningful projects”

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Commodore CD Balaji, Distinguished Scientist, Former Programme Director (Combat Aircraft) & Director- ADA (Aeronautical Development Agency), Former Project Director LCA (Navy), and now is Chairman - Centre of Excellence in Aerospace & Defence that has been set up under the aegis of Govt. of Karnataka along with Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) and Dassault Systemes. He has overall 42 years of experience in the Aerospace domain. He is such a modest and humble speaker who took us on a journey to Aerospace Industry and skills required to excel in Aerospace domain.

Every time we saw fighter planes, airplanes or space vehicles, it always fascinated us to work in this sector someday. Students who really dreamed about it and want to get into this sector, this webinar session conducted by Commodore CD Balaji provided very good insight into this domain and unveiled fantastic opportunities for students to explore.

Commodore CD Balaji’s way of explaining the subject and simplification of such complex domain really helped participants to understand following topics very easily –

  • Constituents of Aircraft
  • Overall Design approach used for aircrafts
  • Testing of different constituents of aircraft – Concept, Design & Build
  • Design & Development Tools used
  • Product & lifecycle support

One of the fascinating part of this webinar session was that Commodore Balaji explained all these topics with appropriate case studies of various aircrafts. He explained us all constituents of aircraft, which helped us to understand overall structure and systems used in aircraft.

In addition, Commodore Balaji explained about influencing areas in aircraft, which are essentials systems of aircraft design and which students should know. It consists of Aerodynamics, Airframe and Structures, Propulsion system, Mechanical systems such as Landing gear, secondary power system, and environmental control systems. Commodore Balaji made the session very interesting and invigorating through his experiences of design of Light Combat Aircraft for Navy in terms of takeoff, landing by arrester hook, landing gear design for high rate of descent, fuel dump system and such many.

Commodore Balaji also explained different technologies like CFD Validation, Virtual Prototyping, Virtual Walkthrough, Digital Mockup (DMU) and Product Lifecycle Management in Aircraft Design and Manufacturing Process.

To conclude his session, Commodore Balaji shared  list of project ideas in aerospace domain specifically in design & Simulation for UAV, Turbojet Engine, Virtual plant layout analysis and design; for students to explore. In addition, he came forward to share different initiatives launched by Centre of Excellence in Aerospace & Defence, which will be beneficial for students to explore this domain.  

While concluding, Commodore Balaji suggested students to follow their heart to become a good engineer and excel in a career of choice and interest. He also stressed upon understanding a process so that students can acquire any knowledge and adopt any tool to implement it. With following message he concluded this amazing session –

The Process is most important part of the journey.

Appreciate it while you have it.

Feedback by Commodore Balaji about the webinar series:

The intent of La Fondation, India is laudable and wish it success to take it forward to skill the students and help them in taking up meaningful projects

Commodore CD Balaji
Commodore CD Balaji

We thank Commodore C D Balaji for such a wonderful and insightful session for our next generation students. You made us feel proud on achievements done by Indian scientists and engineers in developing such wonderful indigenously developed aircrafts and systems against all odds. Through your session you have motivated our future engineers to aspire and follow your footsteps to help our country prosper and progress. We all are indeed blessed with your guidance.